The mystic power of the Andes to be revealed at Mind Body Spirit

Two world experts on Peru’s Andean mystical tradition will join with a Meath college when they give energy workshops at Ireland’s biggest well-being event; the Mind, Body, Spirit and Yoga Festival in the RDS, Dublin from October 24-26.

Majella Fagan

Andean mystics Juan del Prado and his son, Ivan, travel to Navan at the invitation of Green Tara College Director, Majella Fagan, ahead of the festival to teach ancient wisdom energy transforming exercises and rituals from the days of the Incan Empire.

The festival will feature 150 exhibitors and over 75 life-enhancing talks and workshops, from positive psychology and personal development experts on topics as diverse as the science behind self-esteem, to how past lives can contribute to current traumas.

Majella, who founded Green Tara Holistic College 11 years ago, has been teaching Reiki, Shamanism, and many other therapies for over 20 years and will be demonstrating how to protect your energy at the festival.

“You have to know when you’re vulnerable so as to avoid picking up someone else’s moods or muckiness. This is an essential survival skill for any holistic therapist, whether reiki practitioner or reflexologist. It’s all about managing your energy and protecting yourself,” she said.

Majella is looking forward to working with the two Peruvians when they land in Ireland next week.

“Both a professional anthropologist and an initiated Andean shaman, Juan is recognised as the foremost expert both on the Andean spiritual tradition and on the culture of the Q’ero Indians of Peru, who are the direct descendants of the Inca empire.

“Juan and his son, Ivan, will be teaching workshops that provide the keys which enable you to step into a direct and personal experience of the world of living energies, a world usually accessible only to mystics,” she continued.

“By combining modern physics, ancient energy techniques and modern psychology, Juan offers a framework which changes your worldview, enabling you to understand your personal experience in terms of this living energy – creating health, harmony and happiness,” she concluded.

Princess Diana’s voice coach Stewart Pearce leads an array of inspirational and extraordinary speakers at the Mind, Body, Spirit and Yoga festival.

The three-day event features an amazing spectrum of holistic and complementary practitioners with over 150 stands offering the chance to discover everything from Reiki and reflexology, to massage, meditation, bio-energy healing, angels, aromatherapy, crystals, chakra tools, Tibetan bowls, yoga therapy and more.

“People can look forward to a truly stimulating, vibrant and potentially life-changing experience at Mind, Body, Spirit,” said festival organiser Louis O’Sullivan.

The Mind, Body, Spirit and Yoga Festival, October 24-26 at the RDS, Dublin. Tickets €12 – Children free