See what your eyes reveal about your health at Mind Body Spirit

The eyes may be the mirrors of the soul but a North Dublin therapist will show how your eyes can also reveal underlying health problems at Ireland’s biggest wellbeing event, the Mind, Body, Spirit and Yoga Festival in the RDS, Dublin from March 14 to 16.

Jim Ronan from River Valley in Swords.

Jim Ronan uses the ancient art of iridology to diagnose illnesses, often months before they physically appear in the body.

“I can see things in the eye up to 12 months before the illness will manifest itself physically in the body,” said Jim who hails from River Valley in Swords.

“I can recommend lifestyle changes which may alter things and achieve a better health outcome for people.”

Jim, who has been practicing iridology for over 20 years, has also used the eyes to identify and help people suffering from stress and panic attacks.

“Iridology shows the primary causes of any health matter and not just the symptoms,” said Jim.

“Various flecks through the eyes will tell their own stories. Blue eyes can often indicate lymphatic weaknesses while brown eyes are suggestive of heart matters.”

More than 40 experts in the fields of positive psychology and personal development will host over 75 inspirational talks and workshops at the festival on topics as diverse as the science of loving yourself, to the latest ground breaking psychological techniques for banishing stress and anxiety.

The event is headlined by Dr David Hamilton, who fuses science with self-help to provide powerful insights into building self-esteem.

In his talks and workshops Dr Hamilton will be exploring the science behind how people can use their body to change how they feel, including top tips on power posing, exercises and visualisations.

Along with the many fascinating lectures, the festival which has been running for over 20 years, features 150 stands offering the chance to discover everything from Reiki and reflexology, to massage, meditation, bio-energy healing, angels, aromatherapy, crystals, chakra tools, Tibetan bowls, yoga therapy and more.

The live stage will be buzzing with free entertainment as a lively mix of 45 performances including music, dance, drumming and yoga demonstrations, take place over the three day event.

And the Wellbeing studio offers the chance to enjoy sample classes and tasters of a wide variety of complementary and holistic therapies.

The Mind, Body, Spirit and Yoga Festival, March 14 -16 at the RDS, Dublin.
Tickets €12 – Children under 12 free.