Think yourself better: Top scientist reveals all at Mind Body Spirit

A top scientist will reveal how you can think yourself better and use your mind to heal your body, at Ireland’s biggest wellbeing event, the Mind, Body, Spirit and Yoga Festival in Dublin’s RDS this bank holiday weekend.

Dr David Hamilton, who spent years creating heart and cancer drugs in the pharmaceutical industry, is a keynote speaker at the three day festival which runs from 11am to 7pm Saturday and Sunday and 11am to 6pm on Bank Holiday Monday.

As a scientist I have been fascinated by the placebo effect and how people’s health can improve when they believe they are receiving a drug,” said Dr Hamilton who has a PhD in organic chemistry.

Through my studies into mind-body interactions I came to realise that you can use the mind to help heal the body.

You can also use the body to help overcome mental health issues such as lack of self-esteem.

Harvard research studies show that you can actually change how you feel by changing what you do with your body.”

Dr Hamilton, the author of eight self-help books, will be giving workshops and talks at the Mind, Body, Spirit festival on Monday, March 16. 

Dr David Hamilton

The brain does not distinguish between whether you are doing something or only imagining doing it,” he said.

You don’t need a degree in visualisation to think yourself better.

What is important is that you believe and you make an effort to imagine it working, repetition is also key.”

Some 40 experts in the fields of positive psychology and personal development will host over 75 inspirational talks and workshops at the festival on topics as diverse as the science of loving yourself, to the secrets of attracting your soul mate.

Among them is Emma Tamplin, relationship coach with RTE2’s ‘What Women Want,’ who will reveal the secrets to her highly-successful ‘How To Find Love’ programme.

Therapist Michaela Avlund will provide a guide to the positive psychology life-skills that can bring lasting happiness and well-being within everyone’s reach.

While hypnotist Stephen Travers will demonstrate how ‘Havening’, the latest psychological technique from US scientists, removes trauma and banishes anxiety and panic attacks.

The amazing spectrum of holistic and complementary practitioners at Mind Body Spirit makes for a truly stimulating, vibrant and potentially life-changing experience,” said festival organiser Louis O’Sullivan.

Along with the many fascinating lectures, the festival which has been running for over 20 years, features 150 stands offering the chance to discover everything from Reiki and reflexology, to massage, meditation, bio-energy healing, angels, aromatherapy, crystals, chakra tools, Tibetan bowls, yoga therapy and more.

And the live stage will be buzzing with free entertainment as a lively mix of 45 performances including music, dance, drumming and yoga demonstrations, take place over the three day event.

The Mind, Body, Spirit and Yoga Festival, March 14 -16 at the RDS, Dublin.